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B-Block Brake Lining

B-Lock™ Brake Lining

B-Lock™ is a rust preventative technology that keeps moisture and salt from getting in between the lining and shoe table and eliminates any possibility of early deterioration of the brake shoe table. B-lock™ is applied to the brake shoe table in an adhesive tape form before the shoe is lined.

How does B-Lock™ secure the lining? B-Lock™ along with the riveting of the lining provides total and complete lining security and ensures that the integrity of the friction is maintained. B-Lock™ has proven to work well where braking demands are severe and stress on friction is at the greatest. In such applications, it is not uncommon for lining to react to the stress with cracking in the surface. Because B-Lock™ secures the entire friction area, such cracks will not impair the performance or durability of the lining.

Can B-Lock™reduce noise? B-Lock™ has been proven to reduce brake noise and vibration especially in industrial applications. This benefit is a result of the bond between the lining and table.

Is B-Lock™ guaranteed? STEMCO Products, Inc. guarantees our new brake shoes using Rome Steel and B-Lock assembled in Rome, GA against ‘Rust Jacking’ for the life of the original STEMCO lining. If B-Lock™ should fail, the brake assembly will be replaced at our cost.