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STEMCO Trailer­­­­Tail Used for New Concept Vehicle

The Starship Initiative from Shell provides innovative aerodynamic design for the commercial trucking industry


LONGVIEW, Texas (June 14, 2018) – STEMCO® has partnered with Shell and the AirFlow Truck Company to provide a custom TrailerTail® for the new Starship concept vehicle. With STEMCO’s help, Shell and the AirFlow Truck Company aim to use the Starship’s innovative aerodynamic design to change how efficiency is measured and addressed in the commercial trucking industry.

The STEMCO TrailerTail improves fuel economy by streamlining airflow at the back of the trailer to reduce rear drag and increase fuel efficiency. It also improves safety by helping stabilize trailers and increasing visibility for the driver.

The Starship concept vehicle is a complete tractor-trailer Class 8 integrated system. It features a 400-hp Cummins X15 engine running on specially formulated Shell ROTELLA® T6 Ultra 5W-30 low-viscosity API FA-4 engine oil. It also has a solar array on top of the trailer to power interior electronic accessories.

Shell and the AirFlow Truck Company have been designing and building the prototype since 2015, and it made its debut at the Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition (the TMC Show) in Atlanta on March 5. In May this year, the Starship truck conducted a coast-to-coast trip with a full load of real cargo. The California-to-Florida drive showcased the real-world application of the rig and set initial fuel economy numbers.

“The Starship vehicle looks to reach new heights when it comes to fuel economy, and we are honored to help them achieve those results,” said Drake Piper, Category Director for ITMS at STEMCO. “Our innovative aerodynamic technology matches their vision, and together we’ve created a glimpse into the future of commercial trucking, a future that many fleets can begin to achieve today by utilizing the STEMCO TrailerTail.”

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