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Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Transportation System Questions

Are your sensors compatible with other RFID systems or Readers?
Our sensors communicate to the BAT RF System using a novel protocol and therefore can not be read by other systems. Sensor data can, however be integrated with many popular tracking systems via our mobile on-board reader.

Are sensor batteries replaceable?
No… we factory seal each unit to insure long operation and protection from the environment. Battery life is sufficiently designed for a long, maintenance free life.

What is the battery life of the sensors?
7 years is the expected nominal life for BAT RF sensors (AirBAT & TracBAT).

What is the operational temperature range of the sensors?
All BAT RF sensors are designed to operate between -40F and 158F.

What frequencies do BAT RF sensors use?
All BAT RF sensors operate within the 2.4GHz industrial scientific and medical(ISM) band. They use a spread spectrum protocol which enhances their immunity from interference.

Are your sensors approved for use in any other countries?
Our solutions are currently approved for use in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Are there other sensors in your plan?
Yes, our plan is to add many more sensors that will work with the same architecture.

How may miles of testing have been done?
Millions of miles over the last 10 Years.

TrailerTail® Questions

How much will I save? 
Typical results are 3 cents for every mile you drive, or an average of 8 gallons of fuel for every 1,000 miles of operation.

How is the TrailerTail® tested?
TrailerTail® performance has been proven in dozens of tests, including computational fluid dynamic modeling, wind tunnels, test tracks, and on-road fuel efficiency measurements. The minimum fuel efficiency improvement was .3 miles per gallon and the maximum efficiency improvement was .6 miles per gallon, with the average fuel efficiency benefit of .4 miles per gallon across all tests.

How durable is TrailerTail® equipment?
Trucker-Tough Panels: Reinforced thermoplastic panels give with impact and bend back to form
Temperature Resistance: Highly inert materials maintain their shape in extreme heat and cold
Weather Resistance: Panels do not bond with snow and ice
Galvanized Steel Hardware: All-weather performance tested over billions of miles
Patented Swing-Arm System: Allows panels to maintain rigidity when deployed and collapse completely when closed.

How much maintenance does a TrailerTail® require?
Virtually no maintenance.

Part                Time to Repair Chart
Gas Springs       5 Minutes
Cables 5 Minutes
Latches 6 Minutes
Minor Collision   15 Minutes
Major Collision   30 Minutes


  • A representative sample population of 1,000 trailer tails traveling 55 million miles over 12 months resulted in 4 minor (<15 minute) repairs and 1 driver-caused collision (<30 minute) repair.
  • STEMCO components have undergone over 2.5 billion miles of on-road experience and refinement.
  • Nationwide service statistics indicate less than 1% of all trailer tails were involved in rear-impact collisions.
  • Average collision repair time: 16 minutes

How do I ensure TrailerTail® deployment?
Fleets can guarantee near 100% deployment of their TrailerTail® equipment with basic driver training and the use of driver notification decals provided for the front of the trailer and landing gear. Alternatively, the electronic speed-sensing AutoDeployTM system is available as an option for fleets wishing to guarantee fuel savings at 35 mph and above regardless of driver participation.

How does TrailerTail® Technology perform in winter?
Weather Resistance: Panels do not bond with snow and ice
Temperature Resistance: Highly inert materials maintain their shape in extreme heat and cold
Galvanized Steel Hardware: All-weather performance tested over billions of miles

If snow is still a concern for you, we recommend Trailer Tail® Trident: a 3-sided device with no bottom panels eliminating any possible accumulation of snow in the TrailerTail cavity.

AirBAT Questions

What is the warranty on the AirBAT sensor?
AirBAT has a 1 year warranty.

Does the AirBAT cold compensate?
No, we provide an accurate measurement of the actual tire pressure. Cold compensation causes confusion for maintenance personnel. When adjusting cold tires pressure readings should be actual. Industry mechanics are already accustomed to checking tires cold rather than hot to prevent under inflation.

What is the operating pressure range of AirBAT?
20psi to 150psi.

Are there any temperature range issues with the AirBAT?
No, AirBAT maintains a +/- 3 PSI accuracy across the full operating pressure range.

How long does it take to install AirBAT?
About 5 minutes per wheel end.

Does AirBAT require the tire to be dismounted or removed?
No… AirBAT is externally mounted to the wheel hub cap or lug nuts with a simple bracket. Installation is quick and easy.

Are the hoses on AirBAT serviceable in the field?
Yes, The 2012 release of AirBAT now features thumb nuts on the sensor end of the hose that can be easily connected to the AirBAT sensor and are field replaceable.

Does the AirBAT affect tire balance?
The AirBAT mass is sufficiently low as to not affect balance when mounted near the center of rotation with the recommended bracket.

Do you offer AirBAT for steer tires or wide-based singles?
Yes. Our AirBat SST is designed for steer tire applications and our Single tire AirBat works on wide based singles

Can AirBAT alert me of a tire problem while on the road?
The Driver is alerted by the AirBat Driver Alert System (DAS) in cab; additionally we offer over the road email alerts sent back to the office through our partnership with SkyBitz for remote trailer applications via the BatRF Asset Interface Module (AIM). For tractor applications, email or SMS text alerts are available through our partnership with PeopleNET via the BatRF Tractor Interface Module (TIM).

Can AirBAT equalize duals or inflate tires?
No. Although products like these can offer benefits, we believe the simplest solution is the best.

Will AirBAT comply with any future regulations for in-cab warning of low
tire pressures?

Although no specific legislation has been handed down, we are closely monitoring government activity in this area. It is our intention that AirBAT will enable fleets and OEM´s to quickly comply with any rulings passed by government.

TracBAT Questions

What is the warranty on the TracBAT sensor?
TracBAT has a 1 year warranty.

What is the accuracy of TracBAT?
+/- 2% over the life of the unit.

What are the limitations of TracBAT?
Excessive speeds (above 95mph for typical 22.5″ rims) are not accurately supported. The LCD can cease to display in extreme cold (less than -40F). However, the unit can still be read by all BAT RF Readers in these conditions.

Gate Reader Questions

How much does a gate reader cost?
Gate reader costs average $10k – $15k depending on the site.

How long does it take to install a gate reader?
A gate reader can typically be installed in 2 to 3 days with minimal disruption to traffic flow through the gate.

Can I install the gate reader myself?
No… Each installation is custom configured to your needs and requires the skills of a specialized team.

Does STEMCO offer a turnkey installation option for fleets wishing to
rapidly deploy the system?

Yes… STEMCO can coordinate an installation plan tailored for your fleet locations and needs to quickly and efficiently complete the deployment for rapid realization of the value equation.

WebBat RF® Questions

What are the fees for the WebBAT?
Contact a representative for the current pricing model.

How often will WebBAT require upgrading?
Because WebBAT is an Internet application, any and all upgrades will be made available to all customers as they are released without need for local upgrades or installation. New features will be added to WebBAT as the system is expanded.

ROI Calculation Questions

Have you validated the fuel savings in your ROI model?
The savings are real. Both the government and TMC have reported that inflated tires save fuel. The amount of savings depends on how far off the set point your tire pressures average and the effectiveness of your current tire program.

Have you validated the tire savings in your ROI model?
As with fuel, the industry has a number of studies on the savings related to proper inflation.

For other questions, read our online resources or contact a STEMCO sales representative.