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Commercial Truck Products Engineering Testing Center

STEMCO has long been recognized within the heavy-duty truck industry as a quality supplier of premium wheel end products. What many may not realize is the critical role that product testing and evaluation plays in the success of STEMCO´s products. The STEMCO Engineering Test Center is a world-class example of capabilities used to evaluate, test, and benchmark both STEMCO and competing products. As we better understand how and why products work, we can produce designs that provide excellent service and value to our customers.

The 10,000 square foot Engineering Test Center was completed in early 2005 and has rapidly become a focal point of plant tours for many visitors and a showcase of STEMCO´s design and test capabilities. Over $2.5 million of test equipment is regularly used in the Test Center, covering a broad range of tests from over 80 rotating bore wheel end test stands to RFID software testing. Most of the test machines, fixtures, equipment and software are designed and fabricated by STEMCO test personnel. From the earliest stages of concept development to audit testing of mature products, Test Center personnel are trained to provide test equipment and capabilities that gather accurate data and probe design limits.

STEMCO´s Test Center assists engineers in understanding commercial vehicle product design strengths and limitations. With hundreds of tests performed each year, it is no wonder that STEMCO understands the wheel end components environment and products as well as or better than anyone in the industry. The knowledge gained from our Test Center efforts help STEMCO truly live up to “A Higher Standard of Performance.”